Interacting with top blogs

We’ve been asked to list our top 10 emerging blogs as per this post on from Janette. Now, the only issue that I have for this really is the fact that for me ALL blogs are emerging. I’ve only been reading them for the past year. So, this is my first post about blogs that I like and follow.
Let me know what you think of my choices.

Here goes: **Whilst this is a blog, I have been following TED itself for longer. The stories that emerge from TED are incredible. From crazy online image ideas to why and what ants do. The website is fascinating and I love it all. **main man Jeremiah always delivers great strategy. always referring back. **Jean and Michael put to practice a complete social media package. it’s good to watch and learn how they do it. it’s also a subject i kinda like a lot (clothes). plus they’re really nice people. nice to interact with. **i’ve been community managing since before it was popular so it’s good to read articles on this subject. **Dan Schawbel provides sound advice about online personal PR. what and how I portray myself is important. so i listen. and learn. **a neat resource. **another neat resource. **i like Lee’s casual, humorous writing style. good papers & resources for work. **found this one day on a hunt. fun idea. eggs. The Dozen. why not. of course. it’s cute and an easy ready. **Graham Young’s Notes. I add the link to his (imported) FaceBook notes rather than website, as I do find this a very convenient way of getting his posts.

I know there’s more. I read more. The list could go on. It could include all my friends blogs such as Jimbo’s and Kays, and Steve’s and well… all of them. But for now I’ll stick with these.

Thanks for asking. xc

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