Interacting once things have gone

As in stolen. Where was my head? All this time I had been worried about regaining HARDWARE, but what runs it?


And I’m such a softie.

Now, it’s true many of us (including me) have our software discs safely stored away from the laptop or PC with all their product key numbers on them. But you know it suddenly dawned on me, what if I was running an old version of say, photoshop, installed years ago where the paperwork was lost in translation or house moves or whatever (fact) and well, never to be seen again? Now that’s an expensive problem. I’ve gotten around this problem but I thought I would jot this note for others to take note. Either itemise your software when you itemise your PC on your insurance or keep them safe and locked away (along with those passwords!!). The bill can add up otherwise.

It’s also handy to keep tabs of what you had downloaded too. It’s all the little things that matter. Like some of those little shareware problems we all hook into every now and then (like password management software).

Just a tip. From a softie.


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