What to say when there’s not much to say?

I think we all have these moments in life. I have been so preoccupied with the house move that my mind hasn’t been dwelling on the inner workings of social new media or blogging or corporate communications. To confess, I have been a tad auto-pilot. The auto-pilot works quite well though thanks, so I’ll survive my day job. But when I came to write my freelance blog this week, I came up blank. What to write when there’s not much to say other than “the move went well but we’re all exhausted!!”?. I guess just that.

So there.

Have to keep things moving though.

The day job has just seen this sponsorship go live:

My wine group – the Dead Reds – is having its second wake this Friday night at the Dave Evans Gallery in Rundle Street. Check us out on FaceBook if you’d like some more details.

And I’ll still catch ya online. I’m enjoying the interaction on Plurk at the moment. Come check it out with all the other Plurkers in Plurksville xc

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