Day Eighty Three, a good driver i be

today was driver performance and safety training. i have learnt more things about a car in one day by that bloke sitting in the passenger seat that i could have on my own in a million years.

driving at a constant steady speed is far FASTER than speeding up and slowing down for corners. as he says “any mug can drive @ 100km’s on a straight stretch of road, but keep consistent @ 60km an hour on a windy road and you’ll get home quicker than anyone”.

they can increase a companies delivery performance just through better driving. they can reduce road accidents, they want to save your life and they want to decrease road accidents.

did you know if you increased the distance between you and the car in front of you by just a fraction… we would reduce car accidents by some crazy amount i forget what it was… but it was impressive.

did you know i can now 4 wheel drive up and down a steep incline AND i can slam on my brakes on a gravel road. and not loose control. whooohoooo

just what i need for city driving. xc

2 thoughts on “Day Eighty Three, a good driver i be

  1. I think courses like this should automatically be part of getting your driver’s license. of course it’s gonna cost Govts money, so i guess that’s why it aint gonna happen! but yes yes – practical defensive driving courses like these would cut our road toll by half, easily!!! good on you!!!


  2. yes but did you know the government spends $6 billion each year on the health system due to road accidents. imagine if even an eight of that was spent on driver training… we’d reduce the health bill to something that’s significantly less – even if I cant say zero!!! happy have done the course 🙂 xcps now i have to make sure i dont have an accident


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