Day Two Hundred & Forty Eight

This was a classic day. Outside i the sunshine taking fotos for a company who’s transportable office was beig delivered and we all got a tad in trouble by the SafeWork SA inspectors. Fortunately we are all experts and so were quick to rectify the lack of orange vest (mine straight from the catwalk…) and hard hats when needed but I managed to get further into trouble as I remained with my high heels on… no safety boots. oops. i explained to the lovely man that the message was loud and clear and id never do anything like that again and he left me alone – kinda. well, i left the site LOL

it’s for our good, so i cant complain. but what i thought was going to be a quick easy fotoshoot of 10 minutes turned into an hour n half of time plus inspector dramas eeeek. urgh.


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