Day Two Hundred & Ninety One / 3

full moon. no wonder. what a crazee week.

to start my cousin died. poor thing. he had suffered from cancer for years. i wont write everything here but i just feel exceptionally sad. so sad. and whilst it’s a horrible thing to die of and no-one should suffer from it, in a way i’m glad he’s out of the pain and misery, but he was young. too young. only a few years older than me (please just accept this is too young for my benefit).

i say it’s too young because of my auntie. same as my mum in my brothers scenario. loosing a child before you die yourself (as the mother) must be the hardest emotion in the world to suffer and i know my mum did. we had years of depression – still do with her. and here is my auntie who has now lost three men in her life. her husband, her youngest son and now her eldest. her daughter survives.

it’s just too tragic. horrible.

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