20/03/2010:: twitter365 with rachel

here’s where i blogged about wishing Rachel good luck. charlierobinson.blogspot.com/2010/03/07032010-twitter365….

and here today i am with her after her win. i was / am so so so sooooooo bludy proud of the girl. she has worked dam hard and she deserves every success. have to confess to balling my eyes out – and so glad i got to give the girlfriend a cuddle even though she was swamped by media. im sure life will go on – just slightly “changed” :)) xx

ps big thanks to margaret for organising us all at the polling booths – and supporting rachel all this time. personal thanks to peter for being there for rachel. im sure everyone’s tired and a bit over all the election stuff – but at least it was all worth it. big smiles, partees, celebrations, etc etctec xxx

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