Capricorns Birfday Lunch

Rick, Karen, Jennie, Josie, Jim, Sharon, Francis, and Charlie

On 14th January 2011, eight capricorns got together to celebrate their birfday (celebration of birth). With what could become an annual event, these all very unique individuals gathered with friends and enjoyed stunning weather, chatty conversation, a relaxed location and yummo food. The week had been huge for Australia given the flooding in Queensland and so as the games and fun began, Josie (one of the eight) commenced raising money by having us guess the collective ages of all eight capricorns. Without revealing the result, I will say Josie collected and donated $115.50 to the QLD Flood Relief from that simple exercise.

So, we had done a good deeed for the day.

Which, without boasting, seems to be a common trait amongst the cappy’s I know. We can all be quite generous.

This extract says it all:


“Capricorns are lucky. They are the ones who look younger as they get older. They are very attractive and neat and once they get over their shyness they are quite aggressive. They can be trusted to keep a secret and are really great in emergencies. Sometimes they are a little bit impulsive but as their intuition is pretty strong, they usually make the right decisions. They’re creative, sensitive and patient. On a bad day they can be jealous, selfish and moody. They are very close to their family and are usually the last ones to leave home.”  Source



So, we know what the astrological experts say about us – however, what do others (who are friends and know us well), say? We had a bit of fun and experimented. The following are the results of putting names on paper and asking friends to write a descriptive word about the person next to a letter in their name (in order of the picture – ie date of birth):



  • Radical
  • Introverted (haha)
  • Chirpy
  • Hell
  • Attitude
  • Risk taker
  • Drive


  • Kinky Karrina
  • All about me
  • Real
  • Effervescent
  • Naughty


  • J(orgeous)
  • Energy
  • Ninny
  • Nice
  • Inspiring
  • Exceptional


  • Juicy
  • Original
  • Sexy
  • Inspirational
  • Energising






  • Jovial
  • Intelligent
  • Mad
  • Murray Mogul
  • Adorable
  • Naughty
  • Now pls stop praying for water because QLD is flooded
  • Interesting
  • Novel
  • Gramps


  • Sensational
  • Horses
  • Amorous
  • Radical
  • Original
  • Naughty







  • Friendly
  • Raring to go…
  • Angel
  • Nice
  • Come -On
  • Intelligent
  • Sexy


  • Champion
  • Huggable
  • Angel
  • Randy
  • Loveable
  • Individual
  • Energetic








Quite a theme running through those words – I think we’re all a tad naughty but nice? LOL What do you think?

Hapi birfday folks, see ya next year to do it all again xx

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