#fb bully alert / risk

one thing i hadnt factored in after defriending an ex was they can still write nasty messages to you via tagged fotos. or when they have previously commented against a foto ie they still have access.

of course its easy to FLAG and REPORT the comment.

easier to delete the foto (if you have access)

#watchout #beware #bullys

2 thoughts on “#fb bully alert / risk

  1. Hmm… tricky. I have an ex-FB friend who maintains I always said nasty things about her (falsely). Do you also have a similar person? I have no idea where this person is coming from- not quite a bully, but a carrier of false negative opinion which others might believe!


    1. i had exact scenario but far more sinister and had to get legal advise Kay. its tricky – people talk and unfortunately people love to be negative as well. even worse is when people believe them. i guess the perfect world is when we are innocent until proven guilty and people believe we would never have done such a thing.

      trust. respect. such fragile words. easily given, easily taken away. or not. i guess time will tell for all.

      in the meantime i just ask myself (and encourage you to do so to) : “were they really a friend and do i care what they think I said?” my friends know who i am. im sure yours do too. xc


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