Its an alphabet thing…

Love poem plane
Image by César Poyatos via Flickr


A long way from home

Boy sits on his thrown

Come out and play

Dreaming of a day

Ever after in love

Fist in glove

Grown to a height

How o’my what a sight

I love thee, can we be?

Jee me, oh glee

Let’s get under cover

My place is best

New to test, will you ever rest?

Original and smart

Place in the heart, we both love art

Quirky and nice

Ready to throw the dice

Satisfied and happy

That’s not so crappy, just a little bit sappy

Under my skin, that’s where you’ve bin

Very fashionable and in

Want to be my lover

Xrated and brown paper cover

You are it and a bit

Zen place, let’s sit. You’re it.



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