News at 6pm

We (online friends) were chatting about this Mashable release online today:

that claims “For the First Time, More People Get News Online Than From Newspapers”

Whilst understanding previous research and studies indicating that people can only humanly digest “so much”, I suggested the theory that the news at 6pm services were so popular for this very reason. That, until an online news service was to provide a daily summary (at a routine time) they may in fact fail for the regular every day folk who need to summary.

If you look at services like they do this now; i.e. schedule the release of my daily newspaper. Is this the answer and the trend?

Thought I’d throw it out there and see if you agree 🙂


2 thoughts on “News at 6pm

  1. There’s also a brilliant app for the iPad which does a similar thing to, called Flipboard. It takes an RSS feed or a twitter hashtag search, or your twitter stream or facebook wall, and presents it like a magazine, expanding anything with a link to show the original page. With the iPad interface, it is very like flipping through a paper or magazine. I no longer read the print newspapers as a result: it’s all yesterday’s news. Happy to show you sometime if you don’t have an iPad. 😉


    1. Thanks Steve, no I dont have an iPad and Im almost on the verge of getting one 🙂 I had this service demonstrated to me by Steve Davis in fact and it does look excellent. the only question i was left with was “what dont i know”. ie once again it’s me generating the feeds of what i am interested in to present myself with the news… there is no one source… it’s “my source”.

      this could be a good thing… or not.

      am still pondering 🙂 xc


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