Image by Peter Nijenhuis via Flickr

No-one responds.


And no, I don’t just mean to mine… I mean that if I receive one and I would like to comment about something or follow something up, it’s like a brick wall. Either I cant, or if I do it’s like Ive intruded into someone’s sleep time. Yes, I appreciate this is the ways of the push medium… but I’m a tad over it.

When I send out emails these days (which isn’t often to be frank) I do prefer a response or the ability to ask questions. This would be due in part to my attitude and preference for online. So, the age of conversation has taken grip of me in push time too.

Please consider that if you are someone who writes a newsletter or email communication, structure your content for the person reading at the other end. Give them the option to join a conversation, ask a question and/or have them feel welcome into your world.