hollywood wouldn’t wait

Blythe body comparison
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not a great start to a relationship leaving me waiting for 30 minutes? anyone who knows me, knows i’m not the most patient person in the world but i do allow for “stuff” and “sh*it”. i am reasonable. so, when i rock up 5 minutes early for a 1pm appointment to be told the beautician is running 10 minutes late, and would i like a peppermint tea… i say politely “yes please“.

I like peppermint tea.

by 1.30pm however i’m not so happy.

this isnt 10 minutes? i have checked my fone by this time and have seen they did ring me at 12.46… but I was already travelling in the car and so wouldnt have responded regardless. hmmmm #nothappy

they recouped by giving me the best facial i have ever had in my life. it was beautiful and my skin feels like a million dollars… and i even have eyebrows and lashes again BUT here i am writing a poopey blog instead of a beautiful one. yes, the results were good. yes, I could spend another $2k there with the treatment they recommended for my high red cheek pigmentation… but do I want to be left waiting for 30minutes each time I go? grrr


a shame.


PS the beauty treatment today was the “Hollywood Package” by Contours on Fullarton Road, Norwood (it is excellent)

3 thoughts on “hollywood wouldn’t wait

  1. next time take the ideas book I left you and write a poem or think of an idea you can post on unearthing…( I bet you could think of some clever ways to never make anyone late ever again)…and remember some of the greatest inventions have come about because some one was late or distracted or didn’t do what was supposed to be done at that time…..creative people like you are always late…in thoughts that is…It’s the only way to break the pattern of habit which restricts and inhibits creativity…..there is no such thing as being late really, It’s a human invention …I mean is our life so consumed that a few minutes here or there will really make that much difference in the big picture….maybe try meditating for half an hour you’ll be amazed at how relaxed you’ll feel…..What about if we all practiced being early would people get annoyed, or if everyone was deliberately late what would happen…..in a weird sort of way everyone deliberately being late would become the new ‘on time’…have you ever gone to the doctors or the dentist and got in exactly on the hour?…..NEVER.. but think of all the interestIng stuff you got to read in the collection of New Ideas strategically placed throught out the surgery!!! …over a lifetime how do we weigh up all the lates and earlies and the on times……and does it really matter…..when we take our terminal breath will anyone say..you’re late!!! you were supposed to have died last week you selfish prick and now you’ve kept some other poor bastard from dying on time!!!!!………….and by the way I just noticed that you have blocked me…is that because I was late for something or something I said

    sorry I’m just teasing you because I know how uptight you get about lateness…and I apologise for posting this so late


  2. Great Idea for your next book Charlie….Unearthing, ‘How the world changed because someone was late’…or…How being late saved my life’ there have got to be some ripper stories about being late…and everyone has one…Is there a facebook page on ..’being late’…you should start one….example and fact…..the tide of the Pacific War in 1944 on Midway, changed dramatically in favour of the Americans against the Japanese because one of the spotter planes on one of the Japanese Aircraft Carriers returned late from a reconissance mission……
    In fact if you think about it our lives are so much richer and interesting for being late…being on time is boring…It’s like you said it’s only the people who give you anxt that you notice….


  3. Many people were soooo grateful that they were late and missed their train on september 11 hence being late for work were not killed! I read one story where a woman was late for work on that fateful day because she stopped to buy a pregnancy test and couldn’t wait to get to work to test so she stopped in at a coffee shop and peed on her stick!!! It was a positive pregnancy test and she was late for work that day!
    I get it tho’ I am busy I am on time and I appreciate the same in return 🙂
    Glad you had a nice facial, I need one!!!


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