Blythe body comparison
Image by sugaroni via Flickr

not a great start to a relationship leaving me waiting for 30 minutes? anyone who knows me, knows i’m not the most patient person in the world but i do allow for “stuff” and “sh*it”. i am reasonable. so, when i rock up 5 minutes early for a 1pm appointment to be told the beautician is running 10 minutes late, and would i like a peppermint tea… i say politely “yes please“.

I like peppermint tea.

by 1.30pm however i’m not so happy.

this isnt 10 minutes? i have checked my fone by this time and have seen they did ring me at 12.46… but I was already travelling in the car and so wouldnt have responded regardless. hmmmm #nothappy

they recouped by giving me the best facial i have ever had in my life. it was beautiful and my skin feels like a million dollars… and i even have eyebrows and lashes again BUT here i am writing a poopey blog instead of a beautiful one. yes, the results were good. yes, I could spend another $2k there with the treatment they recommended for my high red cheek pigmentation… but do I want to be left waiting for 30minutes each time I go? grrr


a shame.


PS the beauty treatment today was the “Hollywood Package” by Contours on Fullarton Road, Norwood (it is excellent)