Topics and themes being unearthed… part two…

Stowe Boyd, “I am made greater by the sum of my connections, and so are my connections.”

Social Cognition: An Introduction (Stowe Boyd)

His article is valid and full of theories…

eg “all known human cultures have language, music, and dance. And yes, puns. Even deaf people have puns. These are human universals, along with a bunch of others.”

Charlie says “Conversations on social media services can lead to improving customer service, sharing important news, laughing over photographs, sharing an opinion, or raising issue awareness.”

So, what do we do about that? Where does this lead us? Steve says,

“…management and individuals should have every incentive to create and work in environments that spark friendly sorts of interactions, where people are inclined to try to learn more about each other — to try to create closer bonds — than in the opposite sorts of settings.

Robert Meade’s research has shown that people are happier at work when they feel they are making measured progress against well understood goals. “


“…if you are — for example — management in a company confronted with the need to change business practices to adapt to a changing marketplace, you would want to take steps to increase the connections among workers rather than simply offering incentives to make changes. And presumably you would want to have these denser networks in place as soon as possible, since we live in such changing times, where resilience is so essential.”

This theory is good. BUT. It wont always work in an office due to the new dynamics of keeping a workforce together eg varying working times, rosters, work from home, locations. So…?

Build the relationship.

Social media is a conversation. Build relationships, have conversations, engage, interact, share and connect. Use the tools available. Social media is easy. Or is it? Best practices, knowing when and how to engage, and using the best and most effective tools to produce maximum results and efficiency.

We have witnessed successes, failures, and triumphs. Are we embracing the engagement or are we shying from the connection. I like this: “I am made greater by the sum of my connections, and so are my connections.”

We live in a connected world.

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