Topics and themes being unearthed… part three…

A little bit of research never goes astray. -charlie

I read today that I’d be classed as a natural ethnographer ie someone who hangs around online to gain a better understanding. As this person (just commenting on a post that I read) put it, an online ethnographer loves to explore and understand the culture of communities, and the patterns that define the relationships. Of course, online, is one of the most exciting and enthralling of new places to “hang out”. It’s impossible to say anything other than online is in it’s infancy, simply due to the very fact it has only been around for about ten years (and in the scheme of things us humans have been around a tad longer) BUT the one constant is that humans like to engage, socialise and have conversations.

The online playground stuff is simply due to the fact no one has really got the hang of it yet.

Do you agree? Consider…

One person may do “too much”. They might expose too much, say too much, be too open. But in who’s eyes? Well, obviously the eyes of the people around them – the community. The community has moderated that person. They disapprove. Currently.

But think to the ways communities grow and accept. It has taken leaders, early adopters and people who are a tad more “out there” to break down those conservative community walls. People become desensitized.

They break down the barriers themselves and start to adopt.

Anyway… in the meantime… it’s great to people watch. To people watch online. You learn a lot about a person. Can you tell a fake profile from a real? I can. I accept them, but I know them. Can you tell if someone is obsessed, intrigued, engaged, bored? Do you watch a person grow and change, even through their life changing moments like having a baby or getting married. So many moments shared. Intriguing times we live in. So, consider this:

What Story Does Your Facebook Profile Tell

Do you know everyone you’ve connected with or did you let a few people slip in under the radar without being fully aware of who they are? If so, you might want to rectify that by creating friend lists and limiting who sees what. The groups you join and events you RSVP to tell a story.

Your company has been planning a big reveal, one that’s going to blow the competition’s mind. You’re the company’s most well known developer on the social media scene and you’ve recently joined several Facebook groups relating to developing mobile apps. You’ve also started RSVPing to Facebook events around the same topic, all at the same time your department has been working on a top secret mobile app for your company. Don’t forget all those check-ins with Facebook’s new geotagging feature, Places. Guess what? You might be tipping off the competition to your company’s next big move.

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