Love this “GOALS + FUN = TEAMS”.

How true. We get so wrapped up daily with achieving, impressing and stretching beyond our goals to make the team look good, we forget that fun bit. We even hide behind “I love my job” as it becomes “I live my job”.

A quick check in the coming days to make sure the fun remains as part of the team.


RETAILBOOTCAMP was first born out of a burning desire to assist small to medium business in training; training of employees while assisting in the continuous improvement & training of business owners to be the very best they can be, to have all the opportunities to succeed.

I have been involved in the training of employees since the ’80s, while managing a flagship store in Sydney for a progressive & innovative vertical design fashion label; this particular organisation had a very healthy and active training culture, all employees were required to attend a meeting once a month after work ( yes this was in their own time), these meetings were inspiring and motivational, with an agenda full of impact there were  congratulations for excellence in performance  were  given out, updated news shared, look-book launch for the fashion ranges coming in over the next month that were talked about and demonstrated,  feedback…

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