Great quote from Dr Eric Levi “you cannot advertise freely, but you can educate passionately.”

Eric Levi


This is a recurring question I get asked by patients, communication officers and other doctors. Why are clinicians not on social media? What are the barriers to getting clinicians on to Social media?

Many of the reasons and excuses can be summed up to these 3 Fโ€™s:

1. False understanding of the purpose of Social Media

Many clinicians think that itโ€™s a frivolous waste of time with selfies and food photos. Others think that itโ€™s about marketing and self-promotion. Some others think that itโ€™s a place where patients slam you and rate you.

Those things are not the primary use of social media in health care. Social Media is my medium of education, my personal network of learning. As a surgeon, I engage with other surgeons, and clinicians who are not within my specialty. I learn lots from anaesthetists, Family Practitioners, paramedics, nurses, Speech Pathologists and other craft groups. Weโ€ฆ

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