What Charlie Does;
Help Companies Communicate.

Related Information: Charlie’s Background

Charlie-Helen Robinson

Public relations, digital communications, engaging people and social media (one of the most conversational and engaging platforms developed in modern society).

  1. Coaching & Mentoring
  2. Press & Media
  3. Social Media

What Charlie Can Organise;

Aside from being adept at managing anything put in front of her, Charlie does have a strong network of business partners. No job is too big! It can all be managed.

Photography – Charlie’s concepts are developed by a couple of specialist Graphic Designers and Photographers depending on budget and requirements.

IP & Legal – Online is a unique domain of rules, codes, policies and regulations. Charlie has gained a broad knowledge over the years and takes guidance from Adelaide’s best.

Adelaide Tech Guy

Technology – There is only one person in Adelaide you need listen to. Saved frequently and guided sensibly, Charlie recommends and personally uses Adelaide Tech Guy for business technical advise, website domain and email hosting.

Charlie would love to start the conversation with you...

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