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I love writing. Here are examples from the journey…

Southern Cross Care editorial articles are everywhere (newspapers, magazines, journals, etc) – here are a few online:

Southern Cross Care case study booklets:


Convenient way to meet your legal requirements available online; Adelaide, SA, May 16, 2014 –. Smith & Georg recognise that it has been widely reported there are high populations of mice on Yorke Peninsula and the mid-north, with some patchy lower populations in the Mallee and on Eyre Peninsula. The article “Chemical Accreditation prepares farmers for higher mice numbers”.

ICS Impulse | Greater Precision – Faster Diagnosis; Prof Dr Margie H Sharpe uses the ICS Impulse Equipment as an objective measurement of both head and eye movements.

More available via

The theme for South Australian Groundsprayer Association (SAGA)’s 2014 Annual Industry Day; Glyphosate is one of the most widely used chemicals in Australia and yet its future is under threat because of the increasing number of weeds that are developing resistance to it.

and It’s a Wrap | 2014 Annual Industry day “Life Beyond Glyphosate”

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