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Popular Social Media Articles by Charlie

Charlie’s Social Media Stats: /charlies-social-media-stats-across-the-airwaves/

Social media tips and hints coming to you from Adelaide, South Australia.

Public Relations



7 Key Methods for Dealing with Negativity Online

7 Reasons Why You Should Do Business With Me

7 Reasons to Have that Photo Taken Anyway

7 Reasons to Use Short Videos a.k.a. TwitComs

7 Things to Avert Your Media/Social Media Crisis


Another Social Media List; 25 Do’s and Don’t to Consider Doing

Facebook Page Engagement

Hashtags & Keywords – What are they?  (Tip – Misspell #hashtag makes a #hushtag)

LinkedIn; The Executive Strategy

Online and Social Media; The Medical Professional Strategy

Plan Your Article in 6 Easy Steps

Quick Tips: 6 Guides for Video Length

Social Media; 5 Essentials for Small Business

oaktree foundation

Social Media For Good; The 3 Step Strategy For Your Cause.

Social Media is an Ongoing Conversation; 7 Ways to Manage Your Reputation

Think Work Play 10 Minutes a Day

Tips for Pitching your Media Story 3 Ways


Creative Thinking Random Word Games

Instagram Hashtag: #texantouristguy

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  1. Reading many items on your social media; wow!! When I grow up; (if I ever do), I want to be just like you!! But I’m already 74, so what’s the likelihood? Fiddle dee; whatever shall I do? Its 7:45 AM in Los Angeles and I’ve been working for hours. Maybe we’ll connect later. I’ve Facebook-ed you so… … ….. Bye for now.


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