This socially responsible group have every reason to celebrate their 10 years in the making… and it’s all in the aide of mental health this time.

The Inaugural Vintage Ball **Note from me – this has been written for an external media audience, however, in the spirit of sharing moments, here is the media release: 10 years in the making… The South Australian founded social club … Continue reading This socially responsible group have every reason to celebrate their 10 years in the making… and it’s all in the aide of mental health this time.

#prayforparis – a collection of social media activities, notes and advice

*This is a living page – sharing key messages I made a symbol for Lebanon too. #parisattacks #beirutattacks #peace — Kristian Labak (@krustabred) November 14, 2015 // Hashtags Some good, some not so: #PorteOuvertes #ParisAttacks #PrayForParis For Australians … Continue reading #prayforparis – a collection of social media activities, notes and advice

SEO Writing Demonstrated Using 8 Keywords

SEO Writing is a skill that is helping a lot of businesses win the game of organic marketing through the search engines, like getting good Google results for example.

It’s a long held belief that being able to explain what you do in the space of an elevator ride will win the day. Of course, the social medias expect the same, with Twitter demanding 140 – or 120 (or less) characters being able to explain a full story, let alone anything else a trifle simpler… Blog posts demand simplicity, with the first three words being the most important.

These days you can no longer just blabber on – you need to be succinct, you need to include consistent keywords and make sure the keywords are positioned correctly within sentence structures.

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Social Media; 5 Essentials for Small Business

Let’s examine the facts;

There were 2,079,666 actively trading businesses in Australia at June 2013.

There were 563,412 businesses that employed ‘1-4’ employees, followed by 197,412 businesses that employed ‘5-19′ employees, 50,946 businesses employing ’20-199’ employees and 3,598 businesses that employed ‘200+’ employees. At June 2013, there were 556,504 businesses operating in the ‘Zero to less than $50k’ turnover range, 718,005 businesses in the ‘$50k to less than $200k’ turnover range, 672,150 businesses in the ‘$200k to less than $2m’ turnover range and 133,007 businesses in the ‘$2m or more’ turnover range. *Reference:

That’s a lot of small businesses.

While 91.9% of Australian businesses had internet access, less than half (44.6%) had an online presence.


Despite the stagnation in the share of businesses that accepted orders online, the income earned from online orders has grown significantly. In total, $237.1 billion was earned by Australian businesses through online orders, which is an increase of 25.6% from 2010-11 ($188.7 billion). When you consider that statistic with the finding that the share of businesses accepting orders online fell 0.2%, it suggests that those businesses that continue to hold out are missing out. *Reference

Let’s not hold out – let’s work out what we should be doing online.

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7 Reasons Why You Should Do Business With Me

Contemporary public relations requires a level of understanding across ALL the medias these days but there are levels of understanding within every profession, and there are levels of understanding. My own stance has been to say, “Look at how long they have been doing it, what their level of engagement is like across ALL social medias (not just Facebook, and certainly not just Twitter), and if they are living and breathing like me, then you have found yourself a good one.” There are some goodies out there, you just have to look for the right things. Continue reading 7 Reasons Why You Should Do Business With Me

Social Media is an Ongoing Conversation; 7 Ways to Manage Your Reputation

Go on, join the conversation; share, care, learn, and engage for personal and business benefit.

Great. OK. No problems. But how?

One of the constants for me during my time online has been the question “how do I effectively engage to produce a certain outcome, one where I will keep my professional credibility without looking like a loser to my friends”.

My lesson has been to stay true to myself while respecting my multifaceted personalities. No, that’s not meant to suggest that I have a personality dis-order. However, it does suggest that I, and you do too, have a business personality, and a personal one. Think about it. You won’t act the same with me in person as you would your sister, best friend, school mate, client, work colleague, or boss. And with our work/life lines blurring thanks to the introduction of the social medias, it’s a trend that many people struggle with and it’s definitely where a lot go wrong.

To manage your own reputation, in this space, it’s best to have conversations in moderation and to use social media in moderation. In business, online postings should not disclose any information that is confidential or proprietary to you or a company or to any third party that has disclosed information to you.

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Sign of the Times; “Don’t shut off your phone/laptop/tablet, please use our #hashtag”

Demanding attention doesn’t work. Earning attention and asking for participation does. By asking for someone to #hashtag your messages you get a running commentary from another’s perspective, promotion of your key messages, and a focused audience member (working for you). It’s worked in the classroom, so why wouldn’t it work elsewhere.

Business is beginning to catch up. Continue reading Sign of the Times; “Don’t shut off your phone/laptop/tablet, please use our #hashtag”

7 Reasons to Have that Photo Taken Anyway

So, you’re a business person, professional or simply too old for this stuff, but there she goes, a camera comes out at a business networking function, work drinks or a friends BBQ and you roll your eyes and cringe. And actually, you don’t even need to be one of those characters, you could just be having a bad hair day.

Here are seven reasons how you can manage your reaction and why you should simply let the photo be taken. Continue reading 7 Reasons to Have that Photo Taken Anyway

The Entrepreneur Vs The Wannabe

Originally posted on Straight Up Business Talk:
Wanna Be’s obsess over Ideas. Entrepreneurs obsess over implementation – Don’t analysis everything all at once – just focus on what is generating profit – don’t try to reinvent the wheel. Wannabes focus on Leads. Entrepreneurs focus on Conversions – Implement marketing systems that close the sale for you. Wannabes focus on Positive Thinking. Entrepreneurs Plan for Multiple contingencies – Positive thinking is important, but you are not a Jedi yet, you cannot conjure money up out of thin air.  Positive Thinking only gets you so far; you must have Positive Thinking combined… Continue reading The Entrepreneur Vs The Wannabe

Creating the connection for conversation; an awakening

My personal readings of late have been around traditional education, the field of creativity in a social learning context and the general need for more innovation, entrepreneurs and thinkers. What I’ve read and witnessed is making me feel people think the term “start-up” is a new philosophy or trend? They are being predicted as the new black, however, they have been around for eons. Evidence is emerging, as a consolidation in the fields of creativity and social media learning, to engage with the creative capacities inherent in all of us; to have the discussion that makes or creates the connection. … Continue reading Creating the connection for conversation; an awakening

OfficeGroove | The concept in the making

The concept in the making. Hard sweat and effort is going into this space. I’m hoping to work from here about 2 days per week myself. It is a beautiful old building with great features. Really quite impressive. Can’t wait to see it vibrant and full of people again, making it their own and working their way to success. Whilst working from home has it’s advantages. It also has its pitfuls. Exposure to other business minds and being in an environment that is work focused is something that is missed. As are the business networking opportunities as hostess/maker, rather than … Continue reading OfficeGroove | The concept in the making

Online Gambling shouldn’t Credit, or should it?

Did you hear that radio report? Did you read the news? I would surely be one of the thousands disappointed by SA Lotteries decision to create an online gambling service just to have us come in line with other states (hey guys, sometimes its nice to be unique… but anyway, I digress). Read the article in the news here: Quote from the article: “Finance Minister Michael O’Brien said online purchases were a “niche market” accounting for fewer than 5 per cent of sales but likely to grow in coming years.” It’s true that online will represent as a niche … Continue reading Online Gambling shouldn’t Credit, or should it?

2010 in review

The stats helper monkeys at mulled over how this blog did in 2010, and here’s a high level summary of its overall blog health: The Blog-Health-o-Meter™ reads Wow. Crunchy numbers A Boeing 747-400 passenger jet can hold 416 passengers. This blog was viewed about 4,900 times in 2010. That’s about 12 full 747s.   In 2010, there were 165 new posts, growing the total archive of this blog to 630 posts. There were 74 pictures uploaded, taking up a total of 29mb. That’s about a picture per week. The busiest day of the year was June 6th with 122 … Continue reading 2010 in review

“London Calling” or “lc” – the case for the short URL What a fabulous idea. I have known Andrew for a while now – even had coffee with him the last time he was in Adelaide however the “lc” URL didn’t dawn on me until I started reading his blog, called “London Calling”. “lc” is the shortened version (like a bit-ly). DOH. The blog is good and the logic makes perfect sense ie using a shortened branded URL for twitter etc. I will have to be doing this. My usual “CHR” will be getting a work out soon! thanks Andrew xc Continue reading “London Calling” or “lc” – the case for the short URL

perfection can make us all freeze…

not everything starts out looking perfect on day one. many projects take months to evolve and develop into anything that is worthy of release. and yet sometimes you need to just let go and start. perfection can make us all freeze. but what does it achieve? everyday a new development, a new challenge, a new excitment can all sidetrack a project and cause “creep”. it can then cause delays, issues, blowouts and demotivation. so the trick is to remain focused. what is your ultimate gain? do you want to flutter those wings and fly… not away… but to greener pastures? … Continue reading perfection can make us all freeze…

Hard lessons in life… and facebook

Its a week since I last blogged here but it’s been a big week. I’ve written proposals, fulfilled contracts, continued moving house, lost access to my Facebook account and generally had a busy time of it. So, do please be patient!! On Tuesday 8th June, my personal profile (Charlie Helen Robinson) was suspended by Facebook until they worked out an anomaly with an “unusual payment activity” that occurred. Unfortunately it meant everything associated with this personal profile’s email address ( had been suspended as well. This included all Facebook Pages created by my personal profile that were as sole trader … Continue reading Hard lessons in life… and facebook