interacting offline in adelaide

Meeting up with a group of people who “do” what I “do” the other night got me thinking, what will we “do” with each other? We each have our own interests, space and habits. How can we grow and develop each other? I have to confess that I am so used to online friends being online, that once we came face to face it was hard for me to work out what was expected offline and how to perhaps take that next step. Maybe this is why I always say – I’m better online. I’m fast paced always wanting to … Continue reading interacting offline in adelaide

Interact Internationally; Sell Globally

Service the globe. I’ve chatted to a few people recently about various different online ideas, especially when product & sale are jointly involved, and each time the conversation comes back to “how do you service internationally when you aren’t sure about legals or capacity to service or trust or even simply the market there etc”?. The result or response has seen many companies simply ignore the global market potential by not offering a service or solution. But let’s face it, online is global. And there is potential out there. Let’s consider three customer scenarios. You travel to a country, LOVE a … Continue reading Interact Internationally; Sell Globally

interaction two

What “online experience” do you provide your customers or potential clients? If you say to yourself “why aren’t they coming” or “why aren’t they doing the action that I expect of them”, take another look at what you ARE expecting and ask YOURSELF “have I explained what I want them to do”. Put yourself in their shoes. Sounds simple. Yet we forget – we get caught up in our business models and plans and our own goals that we forget about “the customer experience”. Think it through. It’s like when we walk into that absolutely fantastic looking fashion store with … Continue reading interaction two

interaction one

i’ve been online for long enough to know what i like and what i don’t. one thing i really don’t like is being ignored. missing that quick heart beat link to a person. the interaction. so, why am i writing this? to grizzle? maybe. but, to be honest I have just “unsubscribed” from one of the so-called online marketing experts emails for committing what I consider a major online mistake. sure, I received a heap of emails from them, daily in fact (although i didn’t realise i was subscribing to a service so there’s mistake number two). but in my … Continue reading interaction one

interaction with community voice

for quite a few years now i’ve had an idea brewing. it’s stewed. it’s boiled over. but it’s never gotten out of the pot. so rather than give up all hope, I thought I’d post the concept here and see if it inspires. so, let’s interact. Introducing Community VoiceThe Community Voice concept was created to provide local communities, charities and not-for-profit organizations access to the TV medium. There are many ways this can be tackled and many organizations (such as in Adelaide South Australia the C31 Adelaide Pty Ltd crew) do a fine job in supporting local talent and crews … Continue reading interaction with community voice


Familiar with the term information overload? Years ago I connected globally through the use of “smart groups”. These groups emailed each other. Soon emails got too much. Now people blog. Or Twitter. Or swop excellent ideas in videos through services like TED. Essentially though, we still interact. We still learn through each other. It’s all good. And, I’m getting the hang of blogging, although I will stand by my original statement. I want to put all bloggers in one room so that I can chat to them. I’ll explain. My blogs include interests as a communications consultant for an energy … Continue reading interacting.

FB at work. The new culture. thought number four

Over Christmas lunch the conversation turned to sharing a few hysterical emails received lately. I dropped into the conversation that I don’t tend to receive many joke “emails” these days as most come via FB (including the ones they were sharing with us). I was keen to hear the responses about FB really. My on the cards to be future bro-in-law is a Director of an IT company. I was amazed by the speed of his response being that a couple of his major clients had requested he “block” FB from staff. It was deemed a time waster (the emails … Continue reading FB at work. The new culture. thought number four

FB at work. the new culture. thought number two

how many of you still get joke emails? i have to say that at work i really don’t get any. it’s quite peaceful in that regards. my email inbox at work is for business related matters. i communicate / chat / send jokes and play via FB. i do it when i have time. i do it in a spare moment when i need a refreshing light relief. i do it in a break. it’s an interesting concept to think that we have brought back the “formal communication” to the business email inbox whilst still allowing ourselves to have fun. … Continue reading FB at work. the new culture. thought number two