POEM ¦ a colourful day

A blue horizon caught by eye across clear waters travels further than you might dream. A yellow daffodil floating in the breeze captures a cheerful spirit with a certain ting. A red line is where we dare to cross and take those things. A green field as full of wildflowers as night can light a […]


POEM | My sunset friends

Source: Uploaded by user via Diamond on Pinterest     Friends far apart, but there for each other, in times of dark, and for a lark. Each on their journey, for happiness, for a fresh start. Together they see it real, it’s not a big deal. They stay on track with purpose, and we let them […]


POEM | Our overland journey

The vast flat planes For miles my eyes strain Part bare, but over there The terrain has grown again. A tractor dusts the horizon Wheat and sheep tended by the chosen Our farmers, driven by tradition From when time was once frozen. Brown tuffs of weed From floating drifts come the seeds Across further, some […]