Anzacs behaving badly: Scott McIntyre and contested history

Republished Anzacs behaving badly: Scott McIntyre and contested history Philip Dwyer, University of Newcastle Sacked for tweeting remarks about Anzacs that are considered “inappropriate” and “disrespectful”? Let me try and put SBS sports journalist Scott McIntyre’s tweets in historical perspective. … Continue reading Anzacs behaving badly: Scott McIntyre and contested history

Let’s Get Your PR Started; With an Added Bonus for Adelaidians

Public relations are far reaching, tangible, and focus on;

  1. company-wide impact (improving identity or understood reputation)
  2. specific product line, product or service knowledge (broader awareness)
  3. building reputation ie your personal public profile as a leader, executive or professional for example.


First, what are your business objectives? Once you know this, it’s much easier to strategise and use concepts to develop a plan, starting with a bunch of key media messages.

What are key messages?

They are the main concepts you want others to know about your company, product, or you. In marketing we call them tag lines or the glue that brings together the brand ethos, in media they might be called the headliner and in PR they are the underlying foundation that go across everything.

Here’s 7 Clues to Creating the Perfect Key Messages

  • Your key messages should be unique and specific to your business in order to differentiate your business from your competitors.
  • Your first key message may be formed from your business vision statement for example. It could also form the basis of your elevator pitch.
    • Example – “Charlie is an experienced voice of reason in the crowd.”
    • Consider – experienced (I’ve been around for a while), voice (I have an opinion), reason (stable, controlled, measured), crowd (there’s lots out there).
  • If your business communicates with a number of different target audiences, consider creating specific key messages for each target audience.
  • Consider a key message for each product or division of your business or work.
    • Example – “Unearthing Wine, Social Since 2007”
  • If you are on a 5 year business plan, make sure your key messages are evolving to match your growth. It may be as simple as a single word change but it could take you a step closer to your business plan’s overall vision.
    • Example – “Charlie is a caring voice of reason in the crowd.”
  • Your key messages need to be concise positive and real.
  • They must not include jargon.

Your key messages will form the backbone of your PR strategy for the year. True, you can look at other aspects over time… but it’s a very good place to start, and we all need that ie a place to start.

Once you’ve got the key messages drafted, you should then consider your key assets (stock image library, digital tools, printed publications, resources, staff/own qualities etc), who you have media relations with (and whether they have been a positive or negative experience), what publications you currently have and if they need revamping in line with new key messages, what events are listed for 2015 in your industry, what sponsorship or community/industry events intrigue you and if there are any worthy trade shows coming up.

Then, to develop the start of your PR Strategy, you should also ponder:

  1. Increasing awareness (What would you do? Which elements would you select to promote?)
  2. Positioning your business as a positive, vital force in the community (What does that look like? How could that be done?)
  3. Establishing a viable working partnership with business and industry [or other group(s)] (Where would you turn?)
  4. Increasing positive recognition, enthusiasm and support for you as a leader in delivery of quality [services/products] (Who can help? When is the best time?).

Implementation can include activities like product launches, writing and pitching case studies and scenarios, media angles and stories, sponsorships and developing a calendar that lists stakeholder or client engagements, events and public speaking opportunities, for example. In practice there is so much that can be done. It all just takes planning, budget and dedication of time.

Charlie’s here to guide, care and help craft a good PR strategy with you. She’s also capable of getting her hands dirty.

Planning your PR Strategy (if you haven’t yet) will not only help generate new ideas and opportunities for you and your business to shine, it will give you peace of mind and help your overall marketing/advertising push. Meaning, when you advertise, people will believe what you are saying.

Your efforts in PR in no way guarantee you a great reputation if you don’t have one to start with.

Practice what you preach and keep your promises.

While PR plans are always subject to change, planning ahead helps you maintain.

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With Michael Smyth


For online listeners; here’s my MP3 ABC Radio Segment Collection

Social media birthday’s

There seems this whole new etiquette around social media and the celebration of our birthday. It’s true, it’s an easy way to stay in touch with people, like networking on an annual basis. But let’s face it, Facebook has always struggled with the overwhelming volume of birthday posts if you get more than 50 or so… I’ve always got well over 100 and many start hiding behind a collated list, leaving me incapable to reply (which is kinda rude). Anyway, I was intrigued this year that Facebook now present to you a list with all your wall messages (problem was, it only picked up 9 of mine). At least they are trying?

My example:


LinkedIn always seems to do well in this space… providing auto messages for birthdays, new jobs, new pictures etc that you can simply click and send… a good one for the busy business person. Let’s not let that practice get too impersonal though?

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CHARLIE-HELEN ROBINSON ON-AIR; DRIVE TIME TARGETING OVER 50’S With Michael Smyth WELCOME. For online listeners; here’s my MP3 ABC Radio Segment Collection The year review and Christmas: Predictions for 2015 Get your SEO sorted. Get your online profile singing. Use … Continue reading RADIO ABC 891; 18 DECEMBER 2014; SOCIAL MEDIA NEWS


It’s social media; the people have spoken.

For example, Peter Greste. People took to the social medias to demonstrate disappointment at the seven year jail sentence, and support for a journalist who was essentially just doing his job. Journalists, politicians, and the community at large used Twitter to send their messages as soon as the news broke. Continue reading RADIO ABC 891; 26 JUNE 2014; SOCIAL MEDIA NEWS

Social Media; 6 Ways to Increase Your Profile Online

For many industries, having a business with no online or social media presence, is like trying to run that business without the help of good employees.

Increasingly, your achievements, whether personal or business, are based on how well you are known through word of mouth mechanisms.

You are known through your brand, reputation and profile. And online, this translates to awareness generated by word of mouth through the social media platforms; either by you or your customers.

Aside from explaining who you are and helping your potential customers understand you, people like to know who you are and what you stand for.

Therefore increasing the information you share on the social media platforms about your business, in particular Facebook, will increase awareness about your business. You will no longer just be another face in the crowd.

And remember a picture speaks a thousand words.

We’ve previously mentioned how having an opinion online is a good thing. Using photos, information, quotes, testimonials and other elements will help you win the hearts of customers. It is very good for you and your search engine optimisation. People will find you.

Here’s 6 Ways to Increase Your Profile Online:

  1. Keep your About Me areas up to date, including ensuring your LinkedIn Company and Facebook Business Page short and long description sections are complete. Copy information from your website for consistency across all social media or online platforms.
    • Talking about About Me… do you have an About.Me account? It’s a free service acting like an online business card. Very useful.
  2. Use all Social Medias relevant to your customer or audience demographics. If LinkedIn or Facebook are the most relevant, work them. However, do consider others such as for example, if they are relevant to your public profile and gaining credibility.
    • Tip: You will need a public profile strategy to determine best platforms.
    • Hint: The only social media platform that is treated differently, is LinkedIn. Ask me why when we meet.
  3. Make sure your Long Description is just that. Long. You could even write a paragraph about each staff member/employee that customers will come into contact with and then further explain in detail whatever it is you sell or provide a service for. Make it keyword rich.
  4. (Alternatively) Use Facebook Notes area to include biographies about yourself and key staff members. On these note pages, use images and quotes to make them more visually appealing.  LinkedIn Company Pages now have “off-shoot sub-pages” where you can profile individuals.
  5. Use a Facebook Image Album to add more information about products, people and services. Each image uploaded should include a link back to your website for more information (ie use Facebook as a teaser). Include images on your LinkedIn Company page – and on your personal do this against each job listed like a portfolio (it may simply be a photo of you at a networking event).
  6. Use a Profile Photo that is reflective of the style of person you are. Make it friendly and approachable (hopefully you are!).

This is, in no way, an exhaustive list, and neither should it be. It is a first step.

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7 Reasons Why You Should Do Business With Me

Contemporary public relations requires a level of understanding across ALL the medias these days but there are levels of understanding within every profession, and there are levels of understanding. My own stance has been to say, “Look at how long they have been doing it, what their level of engagement is like across ALL social medias (not just Facebook, and certainly not just Twitter), and if they are living and breathing like me, then you have found yourself a good one.” There are some goodies out there, you just have to look for the right things. Continue reading 7 Reasons Why You Should Do Business With Me

Social Media is an Ongoing Conversation; 7 Ways to Manage Your Reputation

Go on, join the conversation; share, care, learn, and engage for personal and business benefit.

Great. OK. No problems. But how?

One of the constants for me during my time online has been the question “how do I effectively engage to produce a certain outcome, one where I will keep my professional credibility without looking like a loser to my friends”.

My lesson has been to stay true to myself while respecting my multifaceted personalities. No, that’s not meant to suggest that I have a personality dis-order. However, it does suggest that I, and you do too, have a business personality, and a personal one. Think about it. You won’t act the same with me in person as you would your sister, best friend, school mate, client, work colleague, or boss. And with our work/life lines blurring thanks to the introduction of the social medias, it’s a trend that many people struggle with and it’s definitely where a lot go wrong.

To manage your own reputation, in this space, it’s best to have conversations in moderation and to use social media in moderation. In business, online postings should not disclose any information that is confidential or proprietary to you or a company or to any third party that has disclosed information to you.

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Sign of the Times; “Don’t shut off your phone/laptop/tablet, please use our #hashtag”

Demanding attention doesn’t work. Earning attention and asking for participation does. By asking for someone to #hashtag your messages you get a running commentary from another’s perspective, promotion of your key messages, and a focused audience member (working for you). It’s worked in the classroom, so why wouldn’t it work elsewhere.

Business is beginning to catch up. Continue reading Sign of the Times; “Don’t shut off your phone/laptop/tablet, please use our #hashtag”

7 Reasons to Have that Photo Taken Anyway

So, you’re a business person, professional or simply too old for this stuff, but there she goes, a camera comes out at a business networking function, work drinks or a friends BBQ and you roll your eyes and cringe. And actually, you don’t even need to be one of those characters, you could just be having a bad hair day.

Here are seven reasons how you can manage your reaction and why you should simply let the photo be taken. Continue reading 7 Reasons to Have that Photo Taken Anyway