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Best Practice Facebook Profile Management

Here are some tips:


How you manage your Facebook is entirely up to you. You can be completely private (even having a flower/car as your profile picture) or you can open it up. If you are public elsewhere eg Instagram, it’s a little hypocritical to not be on Facebook. Think about it then trawl through the privacy settings. Here are some must do’s:

  1. Make your friends list private; On Facebook, click on your friends list. Right hand side, click on the edit tool. In here simply select the “Edit privacy” setting and change to “only me”. Easy. Who else needs to see your friends list anyway?
  2. Don’t have the year of your birth visible.

Facebook’s Privacy Basics

News Feed

What you see and do, is what you will get back. If you chat to certain people all the time, you will get more of their posts. If you use certain words all the time, you will get that “flavour” of post ie inspirational/inspiring, political, depressed/sad, happy/sunshine. Make it work for you by being what you want to see.

  1. Follow and unfollow people and pages as you need. They are not notified.
  2. Set notifications for people you really want to stay in touch with. It’s easy, follow these steps by Facebook:
  3. Create “lists” and sort friends and pages into them, to help manage your news feed. It’s easy, follow these steps by Facebook:


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