Unearthing a Dead One | Team Registration

Recent event: 13 February 2015 at Hotel Royal
Thank you to Myles Pearce, sponsor of first glass of wine
Thank you to Becky Blake for debuting her Piano Chicks new song 27…
Photos < links to Facebook


Next event: 08 May 2015, 7.30pm at Hotel Royal
Link to Facebook news updates about this event…
Seeking sponsor…


Unearthing a Dead One Photo Gallery


The supporting crew:

No event could run without the help of a bunch of wonderful supporters:

Comparing the night: Steve Davis

Wine judging by our resident judge Jim Manning (back up provided by Taste McLaren Vale‘s Shane Barker)

Bottle opening ceremonies performed by Martin Fry

Bring out those dead reds and let’s have a taste.

One bottle (per team) will fit into categories of either: “oldest bottle”, “most character”, “vintage over 10 years”, “vintage over 15 years”, or “best story” for judging.


To book your team… this event is only open to (up to) 8 teams (48 people)

Banking: Suncorp Bank
BSB: 484 799
Account: 602841215
Account Name: Helen Robinson
Please use reference “UDR – Surname”

Single person cost = $38.50
Team cost with bottle for judging (6 people) = $198


This is the registration form to submit your team name, team members and bottle category for the up and coming “Unearthing a Dead One” team event.

  • Each team can only submit one bottle.
  • Teams must not include more than 6 people.
  • Judges will also consider team effort (eg in theme).

Good luck all.


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