Online Implications and Reputation Management

Online reputation management has been a major risk to all and discussed frequently for businesses – my own included. We’re all human – and not everyone likes us, that’s a fact. Of course if holding some form of public position (eg politics) this gets played out on a daily basis and almost becomes part of the job. However, for a regular girl with a regular business trying to make regular ends meet, the complications and implications increase. Word of mouth can be a vicious thing. But why is it different now? One negative word online, equals, enormous implications offline. Do we … Continue reading Online Implications and Reputation Management

enter the real world… the onliners world.

a roundabout response to todays Advertiser Article we have been self moderating each other online for years. its nothing new really. online communities have a way of shunning and rejecting people who step out of synch or line with best practice or “niceness”. spammers, cyber bullies and pushers with the attitude that “its all about me” are soon ignored and moved on from. its a “dont try this at home scenario”. you just dont do it. or you do it once and LEARN FAST. now, papers love to talk about this negativity. the cyber bullies. but in reality they (the … Continue reading enter the real world… the onliners world.

So, I unearthed a new trend today. Can facebook help?

I am currently doing my diploma in business and i was in the strategic marketing class of 09 talking about target markets, segments, and trends today. The example we were discussing was around the 9 year old v the 12 year old. What do they want? I have this almost exact scenario at home ie the 10 year old with the 15 year old, so I related well. We summed up that kids today still want what kids 50 years ago wanted – ie the latest and greatest in “whatever”. whether that be the latest shoe, trend or dress that … Continue reading So, I unearthed a new trend today. Can facebook help?