Client Testimonials

Kind words given along the way…


“……for a bunch of young people who might think they know all there is to know about the internet and social media, we most definitely learnt a lot of things we didn’t know before! The knowledge you shared is already informing how we’re going forward on a state level and I daresay will have influence on a national level also. 

Thank you so much again for your involvement. It was a standout part of the weekend (Oaktree State Retreat). “

Ellen Mitchell
South Australian Assistant State Director
Oaktree Foundation

oaktree foundation


“Thank you for your time, things coalesced for me, you explained things so clearly. I’m not so afraid of the WordPress themes now. Thank you again for facilitating what was a very productive block of time. You can begin today with the happy thought that you helped set someone finally free to get on and create lovely things.” Lara Jane Townsend


“Having known Charlie Helen Robinson for a few years now I can confidently say that she has been a huge asset to my business. Charlie provides me with valuable knowledgeable advice. Charlie actively contributes to the online side of my business offering new ideas and directions. I turn to Charlie for social media advice and guidance and as a sounding board for new ideas. I have no hesitation in recommending Charlie for whatever pursuits she undertakes as I know that her knowledge and nature will shine through.” Adelaide Tech Guy, Richard Pascoe

Charlie is one of the most energetic and enthusiastic people I know in business today. A true professional and a pleasure to work with. Charlie assisted me in preparing a business plan over a couple of months and was responsible for all the marketing input.
Bob Sloan
Chief Executive Officer
SA Business Innovation Centre


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Charyn Youngson, Director, Property Makeover Strategist, Author, Property Mentor/Coach, Buyer’s Agent and Speaker “I engaged Charlie for a couple of business mentoring sessions to assist me to start thinking more creatively about my business and specifically to generate new marketing ideas. She took time to understand my business, which was essential and our brainstorming led to Charlie writing a specific letter to a company I wanted to do business with. Once I had secured an appointment with the stakeholder, she actually attended the meeting with me to help promote me and “sell the message”.  I highly recommend her consulting services. ”


Jarrod Scott; Wine Sales “Charlie has what seems to be an unending source of creative energy and spreads a positive vibe in whatever she puts her mind to. A great lateral thinker, Charlie is able to see things from a multitude of different angles and plan accordingly when creating marketing communications. She has an excellent knowledge and passion for wines too – a very handy person to have on your side.”

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