Charlie-Helen Robinson

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Who is Charlie-Helen Robinson?

Born and bred Adelaide, South Australia, Helen Robinson is my legal name, however, I’ve been online and engaging via any social media platform forever, known simply as “Charlie”. The nickname picked from one my mother had given me as a kid. It stuck.

My upbringing harks back to an English (Sussex) heritage involving publicans, bakers, and financial controllers.

Social Media Native; Entrepreneur; Carer; Over 50. These days I work in communications, live in social media and play online.


After a long, diverse and fulfilling career as a media, public relations, management, community engagement and digital communications specialist, my focus now is on the aged and health care industries. I will always promote a positive image of our industry to the community at large and encourage industry wide best practice.

Startup; Age Fit Wear



  • Co-author “Unearthing’ Engaging Business Students in Creative Learning, Through the Use of Social Media” (2015)
  • Co-author “Enhancing Creative Thinking Abilities through the use of Social Media” (2013)
  • Self-Published “Unearthing; A social media journey” (2010)
  • Grant and Publication “SA Common Knowledge Community” (© 2004)




But wait, there’s more

Full profile on LinkedIn:

Full set of social media links via her About Me profile:

Charlie is a #winelover and created a social group called ‘Unearthing Wine(lovers)’

As a wine enthusiast with no formal wine industry training, I run a small successful hobby wine group of 1000 members and have done so since 2007. I have written articles for, and appeared in, publications such as SA In-Business, The Advertiser, Adelaide Matters, Sunday Mail and InDaily.

Quote: “for some people it is a way to see the world, for others, a way to do business. whatever. lets interact. embrace, celebrate and enjoy the new perspective, different angle and additional benefits online brings.” ~Charlie

Charlie has been engaging in conversations online for a few years now – her first email sent around 1994/5

Topics such as being a carer, developing deeper understandings about aboriginal design and culture, social learning and radio notes are some of the things you will read about.

These are the popular posts:

Where blogging all began a few years back (prior to WordPress days):

Doug, Charlie’s old boss once wrote: “Your insistence that all communication should also be art and that good information is well designed has transformed us all. The element missing in the earnest efforts of our UK colleagues is the artful fun you bring to the table…”

Charlie would love to start the conversation with you...

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