Online Social Connected Learning; Reflections

‘A factor in establishing Unearthing Ideas Online as a Facebook site has been the growing evidence that, “Web 2.0 applications are seen to form an important element of the digital landscape of many learners which is decidedly outside the control of the education institution.” As such they constitute what (Kirkpatrick) terms “other, more flippant [educational] concerns” than officially implemented and sanctioned e-learning applications.

Flippant or not, many commentators are arguing that these Web 2.0 applications are of equal if not more importance than formal educational ICT applications in the ‘real-life’ educational conduct of contemporary learners and, as such, are worthy of acknowledgement by the education community” (Neil Selwyn. 2009).

It is common knowledge that many people including students, teachers, and parents are beginning to widely use sites such as Facebook and in some cases for educational purposes.’ [Source; Unearthing Ideas Paper: ]


Here we ask you to reflect on your personal online journey.

Provided is a template below for you to print and contemplate, to help in your own journey. When reflecting on these questions, you may wish to write why you have answered a certain way. Then, file for a period of time and then review. How have your thoughts changed, evolved or remained.

How do you learn best?By writing and reflectingFormal lectures, presentations

By watching videos demonstrating practice

By joining conversations

By reading works connected to my study



Make some comments/reflections about your choice, thinking about the learning that takes place:
Where do [formally] learn best?Lectures, tutorials, set/directed tasksOnline


What is there about this that helps you learn and in what way?
Do you use Social Media?FacebookTwitter





Spend a few moments writing about what you would like to see happening in the social media spaces that you embrace to help you learn.
Do you find Social Media engagement is:CreativeIntellectual


Regular Daily Tasks



Spend a few moments writing about how you could improve your overall use of the social media platforms available to help you learn.
When learning, what do you most enjoy?Open dialogueOne on one

Personal discoveries

Still discovering

Being told or being challenged.


In your experience, have you used any social medias to inspire of learn. If yes, in what way?


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