So, I unearthed a new trend today. Can facebook help?

I am currently doing my diploma in business and i was in the strategic marketing class of 09 talking about target markets, segments, and trends today. The example we were discussing was around the 9 year old v the 12 year old. What do they want? I have this almost exact scenario at home ie the 10 year old with the 15 year old, so I related well. We summed up that kids today still want what kids 50 years ago wanted – ie the latest and greatest in “whatever”. whether that be the latest shoe, trend or dress that … Continue reading So, I unearthed a new trend today. Can facebook help?

Day One Hundred & Twenty

Day One Hundred & Twenty, originally uploaded by charlierobinson1966. @charlierobinson says hi to @spotrick Where all this started today: So I responded. But to do it, I had to take a candid snap on my fone. Upload it to Twitpic via Dabr, then right click to get properties, copy/paste the image properties into @spotricks response for him to see the image. Fairly clunky but I got there!! Here’s my answer: Took me back to my silliness when creating my own emicons (as I call them in brief) Continue reading Day One Hundred & Twenty