Election Questions from the Tennyson Dunes Group

The following are my responses to specific questions asked of me by theĀ Tennyson Dunes Group. This is in addition to the previous discussionsĀ that led me to write my previous blog post: https://charlierobinson.wordpress.com/2014/10/13/endangered-dunes-tennyson/ Here are my answers: In Council, will you … Continue reading Election Questions from the Tennyson Dunes Group

Endangered Dunes, Tennyson

My Council Election Profile **Note, since this post was issued, I was approached to answer specific questions. The answers are here: https://charlierobinson.wordpress.com/2014/10/19/election-questions-from-the-tennyson-dunes-group/ This week I was asked to comment about the endangered dunes located at Tennyson.Ā Note: these are not in my Ward, but in the greater City of Charles Sturt Council area. Growing up with a love for the beach it is an obvious statement that I love sand and beach dunes, want to see them as part of our ongoing coastal lifeĀ and get involved in making sure this remainsĀ a reality. It’s not just for the Tennyson dunes, I remember … Continue reading Endangered Dunes, Tennyson