My Klout = 75

What an exciting day. I’m 75. 75, but not in years… in Klout!! Of course many people wouldn’t know what I was raving on about – let alone the significance… however those who follow social media news have been reading for years that a social media person’s position is about influencing others, providing a return on investment. Great!!! Then you meet me. I prefer to just share with my friends, and care. Care about who treats me well (and share that), who provides good service (and share that too) and who is doing a good thing (oh, and share). To … Continue reading My Klout = 75

Healthy Heart Challenge #hearttime 27 June 2011

Of course, my first passion (hobby) is social media. When I was asked to participate in the Healthy Heart Challenge by the Heart Foundation SA as one of their champions, there were many aspects that excited me. Firstly, I know commitment motivates me. If I say I am going to do something, I will. The only thing that suffers in this respect – is social!! Media doesn’t. Hmmmm… so of course I had to somehow integrate the two. I devised the #hearttime hashtag, the foursquare checkin and the Storify news feed. All have helped me learn more and this excites me (read … Continue reading Healthy Heart Challenge #hearttime 27 June 2011