Healthy Heart Challenge #hearttime 27 June 2011

Of course, my first passion (hobby) is social media.

When I was asked to participate in the Healthy Heart Challenge by the Heart Foundation SA as one of their champions, there were many aspects that excited me. Firstly, I know commitment motivates me. If I say I am going to do something, I will. The only thing that suffers in this respect – is social!! Media doesn’t. Hmmmm… so of course I had to somehow integrate the two. I devised the #hearttime hashtag, the foursquare checkin and the Storify news feed. All have helped me learn more and this excites me (read = geek)!

It’s great to see when media works.


People talk in traditional advertising and social media constantly about “return on investment” but I think the (social media) industry is way to young to seriously see where a return is possible. We talk about “influence” more than return and there is much buzz and chatter about Klout scores etc etc (by the way, i’m not a big fan on that name – Klout? WTF #justsaying). Anyway, I feel perhaps the only real way to still see if you are getting anywhere near the right direction online, is to check Google. Yep, do a search. Where does your blog, website or facebook page sit in the search results? Does your twitter or LinkedIn page appear? It’s a good test.

I have been doing bit of work for a client and his Google results and it means I go into research mode. I like to know what I’m talking about!! I do – but its good to check and stay up to date hey.

a n y w a y… long story short, I googled “”healthy heart challenge”.

Number two (2) ranking position on Google, was ME… meaning my champion page for the “go red for women” website #awesome #chuffed

I then added “charlie” to the Google search equation and my blog, facebook, etc appeared too #excellent. It’s working.

Did you get the same results I did? Would love to know!!

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