charlie interacts with twitter

twitter is a funny little beast. seems so strange when you first start it up. basically you’re watching conversation threads. bit weird. but in the main, the are public comments (= publicity). things that make others take action. comments placed at the start, like “reading” or “posted” tend to make me (and obviously others) think “i had better go check that out“. especially when i admire the person and respect their views. it works – i’ve seen twitter come up in website stats more than once or twice already (as a referrer). far more than facebook even.

so using twitter for publicity is becoming an art… it needs all the attention, interaction, and a following you can muster. hey – but that’s what social media is, isn’t it? it feels like it’s one of those “won’t happen over night but it will happen” moments. you certainly have to work the room harder to get the results.

personally, i use twitter to send links etc to articles i’m reading, to promote when I update my blog and to highlight some work that friends have done. but i’ve also discovered a very simple trick (for myself). that is, just prior to log-off, make your final comment something you want to promote. then, when people search and check your profile, the first thing (and typically only thing they check) is that comment. if they like – they’ll follow.

the thing i have to now get right – is remembering to do that. is there an application to help me remember please?


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