7 Reasons Why You Should Do Business With Me

Contemporary public relations requires a level of understanding across ALL the medias these days but there are levels of understanding within every profession, and there are levels of understanding. My own stance has been to say, “Look at how long they have been doing it, what their level of engagement is like across ALL social medias (not just Facebook, and certainly not just Twitter), and if they are living and breathing like me, then you have found yourself a good one.” There are some goodies out there, you just have to look for the right things. Continue reading 7 Reasons Why You Should Do Business With Me

Kick Off 2012 with Project 365? Not me… but maybe you?

Kick Off 2012 with Project 365.? Not me… but maybe you? My Twitter/Flickr 365 project (a daily fotograph to Flickr, that then got Blogged and Twittered) was done in 2009. It was a fantastic journey that I speak off regularly as it taught me a lot about myself, it created a community around the project (motivating me on – ie my friends just loved getting in on the daily picture) and it taught me a heck of a lot about how to use social media in the most effective way. Think about it – when you take a daily fotograph … Continue reading Kick Off 2012 with Project 365? Not me… but maybe you?

20/05/2010:: twitter365

number three on LinkedIn search for “adelaide + social media”. thankyou. now that’s pretty cool. i actually dont know who number one and two are however a quick google and facebook search tells me i have some mutual friends so they do exist!! that’s good news!! for me LinkedIn is very much a work tool. i personally use it most when working for a corporate to manage alumni groups and employee groups with common interests. in the social media space (ie groups) i have always found better interaction within the world of facebook, ning, twitter and our blogs – maybe … Continue reading 20/05/2010:: twitter365

06/05/2010:: twitter365

there is nothing more important in the world than people you can trust – who are your friends… people like this dont gossip, slander, argue, run away when it gets hard, or expect “more”. they let you be. they let you be the person you are and the person you want to be. they are at peace with what goes on. they are in sync. they encourage, promote, laugh, moderate, meditate, mentor, persuade and carry on like crazee chichadees when the time is right. they are wonderful. and i love them to bits. xc Continue reading 06/05/2010:: twitter365

05/05/2010:: mr wong

Please meet Francis in the middle and Leila on the right. if you’ve known me long you will know that i have great respect for the name “francis” as it is my grandfathers. it is also my mothers middle name – and my daughters middle name too. if i was ever to give birth to a boy i would have wanted him called “frank” however that was not to be!! it has been a pleasure and joy getting to know Mr Francis Wong, the Adelaide City Councilor. we have had a few chats about social media – however on this … Continue reading 05/05/2010:: mr wong

01/05/2010:: twitter365

hapi birfday mum!! no – this isn’t mum in the picture. this is Jill. we’ve been friends since year eight at high school. love her lots. both been through heaps in recent years but in her week of need i wasnt able to help as she didnt have my new mobile number (and i stuffed up). in the rush to transfer my mobile i lost a lot and it has made me realise just how INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT storage of mobile numbers is!!! have you got yours somewhere other than your mobile fone? it would be a good thing to check. … Continue reading 01/05/2010:: twitter365

21/04/2010:: twitter365

meet michael lovely chap. it all started last week when i had to buy a quick fone and transfer my contacts and it wouldnt work. i went into the telstra shop on norwood parade and michael helped me out. no problem, no fuss, just simple help. sorted. only problem was the fone was crap. it was also pre-paid and i had already run out of credit a week later and couldnt sort it online. so, i went back in and saw michael. i now have a lovely mobile fone (nokia n97) and am set. and to prove it worked, this … Continue reading 21/04/2010:: twitter365

05/04/2010:: twitter365

YUP. And this is how we STARTED the day. Can you imagine how it ended? LOL. seriously we had a hoot. beautiful setting in the hills, fantastic company and yummy food. we spoke all day about who knew who and who was doing what. friends do that and this was a group where some knew each other and some didnt but we all have common people that we knew. adelaide is weird like that. funniest quote from the day – which i cant contain or keep to myself was “im sure there is another group having a BBQ like us, … Continue reading 05/04/2010:: twitter365

20/03/2010:: twitter365 with rachel

20/03/2010:: twitter365 with rachel, originally uploaded by charlierobinson1966. here’s where i blogged about wishing Rachel good luck. charlierobinson.blogspot.com/2010/03/07032010-twitter365…. and here today i am with her after her win. i was / am so so so sooooooo bludy proud of the girl. she has worked dam hard and she deserves every success. have to confess to balling my eyes out – and so glad i got to give the girlfriend a cuddle even though she was swamped by media. im sure life will go on – just slightly “changed” :)) xx ps big thanks to margaret for organising us all at … Continue reading 20/03/2010:: twitter365 with rachel

14/03/2010:: twitter365

14/03/2010:: twitter365, originally uploaded by charlierobinson1966. so, we had a big day. picked up Miss JM. went shopping. did 4yr old twins birfday partee and then met friends for band arvo @ the hood. meet nic. here he is. havent known him long but he’s a lovely guy. big heart. friendly. friend. looks after me. and my girls. what a champ. nice to meet people with such an honest open heart. no returns. xc ps and girls he’s single… !! Continue reading 14/03/2010:: twitter365