interacting in her own time…

Hey – stop pestering me OK? In my time please.

Oooh. That was harsh hey. Sorry.

OK. It’s interesting though how with online services like Email, FaceBook (regular), Blogging and LinkedIn (as examples) we are patient. Well I am. We (I) give each other time to respond, answer and action. Even the times that we poke each other on FaceBook, it’s just a “yes, I’m still here and know you’re still there” message that doesn’t need an instant reply.

Well, it seems not so with our FaceBook (chat), Twitter, Skype and Plurk (to name a few) worlds. These worlds demand instant or at least extremely quick responses – or don’t bother. Using the FaceBook chat feature tonight (that I like), I had a couple of conversations going at the same time (as you do). There were a few moments of “are you still there?” simply because the reply wasn’t immediate. Instant.

It’s curious. But very normal. I remember going through this scenario with emails. Way back when.

I remember when…

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