interacting with experts: Richard Macalintal speaks

Hey – i don’t know this guy at all. But online is crazy and he’d heard about me and my interacting with experts, contacted, we chatted and so i asked him to answer a few questions. You gotta hand it to him…

1. What made you transition to online media – such as the blog – to help with the promotion of Batangas?

Richard responded: “I am one of those individual who can’t live without computer and internet…its part of my life already. And because I love my town most, I was inspired to promote it around the world in my own way thru blogging. I know that our town is one of the best in our county and there are lots of things i can brag about it. Browsing also the internet, I can find only few topics about it. I hope through this site, I can promote my beloved Batangas, Philippines. “

2. And what does “Parine muna kayo’t makapagkape..mainit init pa are!” mean?

Richard responded: “In Batangas, almost everyone are drinking coffee. We are one of the best coffee producer in the Philippines (even in the world before) and we call it “kapeng barako” or brewed coffee produced directly from our town. Whenever we have visitors, we always offer them hot coffee which leads to long conversations. I want to emphasize that we batanggeyo’s are hospitable. “

So anyway… that was his story. We’re now connected in some small way which I think is gorgeous. It’s a whole new world out there and we’re connecting and interacting in a whole new way. I love that. Here’s Richard’s blog:

If you check it out… there’s a pop up that I’m not so excited about. So, up to you if you go there. The blog itself is fine. The place itself seems beautiful. Nice place to visit one day :>

Google Earth directions:
121° 3’37.80″E

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