Day Thirty Eight of the Twitter 365 Project, don’t take a break

crap foto but we actually weren’t meant to have our cameras in there… we were at the ASO with Roberta Flack concert. i took bruce for his birfday pressy.

the beauty of her voice is outstanding… and she’s 73!!! so you go girlie – you ROCK. aaaaah the songs are all still in my head… “the first time… ever i saw your face…” “killing me softly with his song…

the joy of being in the presence and listening to someone that great is something i pursue. maybe a bit of success will rub off on me. i felt the same way when I say the rolling stones in melbourne… david byrne (talking heads fame), and gosh – to many to list…

Rowan said to me yesterday “don’t restrain yourself”.

what we were talking about was how we, each of us, reach a level of success (our version of success anyway) and then almost relax (“yah i’ve made it” scenario)… but what we need to do is take the next step. pull ourselves up and go further – be MORE successful. hey – sounds simple. i did a heap of stuff a few years ago but one thing lead to another and freelancing got put on the back burner.

maybe it’s time to reconsider. to take the next step.

but also – just to be still doing (well and more successfully) what i’m doing now til i’m 73… and obviously getting so much enjoyment out of it as well – well that must have been a good life hey. xc

ps will i still be writing this blog when i’m 73? that’s another 30 years. i wonder where we’ll be… WOW what a thought LOL

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