Three Hundred & Fifty Seven

it’s officially 2010 but i havent slept yet so im going to say this still counts as 2009 LOL.

do you do that? if you havent slept it’s not the next day yet?

anyway,. so i’m not stopping this project but my numbering will change tomorrow. it’s been a great experience. have certainly learnt a lot about myself and made some new friends who are also doing it and just generally had a great time. some moments have been challenging ie to expose my feelings to the world, to share some real pain and to have to own up to some really bad days. but in all… it’s been enjoyable. my daughters have been behind me and i love their support, my friends all get involved and we’ve had some real snorting laughs at getting the fotos and of course ive been able to help promote a few things along the way to help friends as well – so we all get something out of this…

here’s to bringing in 2010. it’s going to only get better!! xxx

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