09/04/2010:: twitter 365 enova_rick for #socadl

The last #socadl meetup became a jumbled mess.

We all know what its like trying to organise lots of people to do one thing. everyone has preferences and opinions and obligations and responsibilities and so you cant please everyone all the time. so, why bother trying?

i was meant to be at the rugby, my plans changed last minute so i went to one place with a handful of #socadl buddies (as i say the vintage set of #socadl) and the others went to a CBD location. it was all good.

if anything we could have used the time in a more “fun way” and had a bit of a #twandup from the two separate venues. we could have got the twittering going between the two crowds 🙂

BUT, at the time we were more focused about the who why what and when.

and it was friday nite after all… so, maybe next time


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