Facebook basics for friends

Part one…
Use a current, clear image for our profile shot. it’s called “face” book for a reason – we all like to see your face.

check your privacy settings. Set everything to “friends only” until you are comfortable.

check your basic directory information (within privacy settings) as this is how Facebook shares your information with the world ie via google etc. One area in particular that you may wish to consider is who sees and who doesn’t see your friends list, so check >> “See my friend list”.

check your account for notification settings. You may wish to turn all the email notifications off.

be careful to only accept friend requests from people you know personally and who you are willing to share current information with.

be careful which applications you load. Some applications take you to third party websites. When in doubt, don’t use.

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2 thoughts on “Facebook basics for friends

  1. Howdy,

    FaceBook has become a flea market farm for wanna be marketers. They are taken over facebook and spamming other friends like crazy.

    Me as a 10 yr Internet Marketer, I’m just over stated that people will use this type of marketing instead of doing the old seo that works. I personally do seo for over a hundred of my clients when it comes to my company.

    I try to let them know that facebook is a good place to start to get your band out there, but its not the place to setup shop for a lifetime. I even wrote on blog on this subject called “FaceBook Wanna Be Marketers” you can Google it if you want to read it.

    I’m sorry for getting so far off subject, but I just had to express my fillings of the facebook is going..which in the hole like MySpace in a couple of years if people just keep this up.

    Thanks for this post, and this is “TrafficColeman Singing Out”


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