Who is that person inside you? My inner rock chick moment…

People who know me in close friendship circles, know I talk of my “rockstars“. They are the people who are my “rocks” and so, my “stars”. They are everything. They are there if I need them and they are dear to me. Of course, the group has widened over time to include some social media bods, overseas and others – just because it’s fun and all part of developing me as a person… but the essence of the group remains same.

This name, “rockstars”, comes from my love of black skinny jeans, dark smokey eyemakeup and a passion for live real music. My inner rock chick self. That’s not always my outer self. Why? Well, i’m in my 40’s now, a single mum and working hard at trying to make a living to give back to my girls as much as i can… the inner rock chick doesnt always get an appearance. Until now.

Look what happens when you throw an idea out to the universe. This idea had been brewing in me for a while, I was about to help run a modelling agency and I needed to “see how it felt and be on the other side”. Just for a day, and #justbecause. It was something that I needed to do for my inner self. But, as always, I got so much more. I worked with Jason at SeeminglySane and with his suggestion we went along the road to a body artist called Linda Bell. It was a ‘go with the flow, it was gonna happen anyway’ moment.

To track back, let me say, part of me is nervous about my future, but part of me is also excited and thrilled. Being a complete control freak (well, not as much as some, but..), and not knowing my path and having the journey mapped in a project managed kinda way, results in a jumble of mixed emotions. Now that’s OK, and at 45, this is good. I am happy. So, this exercise was for my inner self. For my inner strength to be strengthened and my inner beauty to shine (hopefully!!). My inner rock chick self is where my personal strength comes from. Sooo, it’s not so surprising it’s where the idea traveled naturally. My never say die attitude was crafted in the 80’s with the Suzi Quatro’s and Pat Benatar’s mentoring of that era. Oh, how i idolised them. And look how fun, vivacious and flawed they were. Beautiful.

So, we captured me. In all my external glory with flaws. And we had a brilliant day. It gave me inner strength to carry on. And it clicked.

I love the results from Jason. Here’s one sample. He said on the day his reflection of me is always of someone laughing. How true is this foto then?

It was v.cool to be a rock chick for a day. Much love to you Jason & Linda.


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