Business Network MeetUp; The Simple Sanga 11 June 2014

It was all it was cracked up to be – a simple sanga and chat. Everyone got to say a few words and we heard a few background stories.

I’d like to share with you the people who came, that way they get an extra plug. It was a very diverse group!

Alphabetical order (it’s the librarian in me):

Jim Manning, Business Consultant & WOWFM; How do we sum up Jimbo in one sentence? That’s a feat in itself. From owning and managing businesses, to directing boards, to redefining business systems, to non-stop talking on air at WOWFM, this lover of all things Baseball can talk the arse end off a rhinoceros!

Joe Rossi; Epic Projects and Consulting / Sapphire Developments; check his YouTube clip where he explains in person: Click For YouTube Here

Joe also runs XPol Presentations & Business Networking; Joe encouraged us to attend his next seminar:

Wednesday 18 June at 7.20am

“The Power of Empathy”

Cost $10

Link to register:

Joff O’Shannessey, We Wanna Go; Joff’s online community is for people wanting to connect with other people by sharing in events, and activities, expanding their interests, learning new things and most of all to have fun!

Leigh Jackson, AEM Consolidated Pty Ltd; This company strives to be best in field for electric motors, pumps, generators and trailing cable repairs and supply.

Paul Gee, Point 918; If you haven’t contemplated ordering your printing online, Paul hopes you will for your next printing project. Paul’s goal is to make printing easy to order and affordable.

Richard Pascoe, Adelaide Tech Guy; Richard’s passion is to know everything there is to know about everything. IT and online is a fast paced, ever evolving subject and he knows Windows, Apple, Google, iPhones, Android phones, iPads, Android Tablets, and Microsoft Surface​ really well. He’s a regular on radio, appears on TV and is in hot demand in digital hub land. He also got me my first gig chatting on FIVEaa the other night. I’ll blog about that later.

Zoltan, Visualz Graphic Design

To know more about Zoltan, just check out my new business card. Within 24hours of giving him a pencil sketch he had devised a look and presented it to me. With a couple of minor tweaks it was sent to the printers (Point918) and I received them today! Happy results are good results. Here’s my quick Instagram to show you my new card:

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