Radio Notes; WOWFM 100.5; Social Media Talk; 19 June 2014

Radio Notes; WOWFM 100.5; Social Media Talk; 19 June 2014

Discussion ranged from:

  1. Using Twitter and all the various social media platforms – creating lists to keep the news feed relevant.
  2. Social media for business marketing – it’s harder to stay in the news feed but it’s where small businesses can excel as they have a better, or closer understanding of their inner community and impact.
  3. Social media used in education and for learning, in particular my interview with Tali. We stemmed the conversation into providing education on social media etiquette etc **I took the stance (soap box) that we need to improve and increase what we are teaching our kids – we have a guardian role and we should be teaching boundaries and providing guides (a bit like sex education and/or what to do if a stranger approaches you education).
  4. Social media and online scams and what to be wary of – everything and don’t click. Certainly don’t share information publicly.
  5. Social media and online opinions and platforms and don’t be a victim of being caught. If you don’t want someone to know – don’t put it online. Anywhere.

Thanks to Jimbo.



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