The hidden impact of becoming a sudden carer grows on you

The journey that started with “The hidden cost of becoming a sudden carer is more than just emotional
Is more like a playground
Is more revealing than expected
of not caring with dignity and it being a stop start stalling affair


With maybe an end in sight?

Let’s not get too excited – or depressed yet. No, I am not expecting my mother to pass over any time soon, and no, I don’t expect my role as carer to stop anytime soon, however, one thing is for sure, mum is improving.

To their credit, the caring crew at Anglicare’s St Laurences Home has mum back being creative and smiling. To the point where this week it was my absolute delight to be able to take my mum shopping and spend $80 on art supplies so that she could paint again.

It was only six months ago we were donating it all away to schools etc as we thought there would no longer be any use. Everything. Her art supplies, craft, sewing gear. The lot. To come this far is simply amazing but a also a credit to her strength.

It has been an intense journey.

Today, in celebration, we take a breath.

Here is a snapshot gallery of mum’s art. It’s no where near her usual level, but who cares? I love them! And her of course, goes without saying. The extra part of my life is growing on me 🙂

PS The extra photos are of her with me out shopping a week ago. Coffee time. ❤

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