Changing face for online communications

The changing faces of people within companies is always an interesting time. As one staff member moves on and others fill their shoes, we celebrate career progressions and past milestones as much as look to the future for new opportunities.

However, within a communications role this can be slightly more complex and its not always immediately evident due to the extensive online footprint.

In the words of Facebook, “when people stand behind their opinions and actions, our community is safer and more accountable.” For this reason, Facebook will only allow you to establish your account in the same name that you use in everyday life and only create one account (your own).

So, this means the struggle is real for those users who use Meta (and other platforms) and the person who has previously been an administrator of an account, leaves.

Let’s talk about the ‘elephant in the room’ who firmly agrees, transition can be painful.

There’s also all the online account logins which have helped over time. Some allow you to change the key account holder, others don’t. It causes a mishmash of solutions, most of which end up logged into a trusted excel spreadsheet to keep track.

It can also leave a trail of declined credit card payments as they are discovered and updated.

Am I wrong? You know I’m not.

Google Analytics. Gmail. YouTube. AdWords.
Linktree. BitLy.
Trello. Slack. Monday.
QRCode Generators.
Adobe. Pexels.
Facebook. Instagram. LinkedIn. Twitter. TicToc.
cPanels. WordPress. Website Admin.
Translators. Converters. Services.
You name it and more.

With social communications a major part of our working life, it is time to open the discussion to how we create efficiency within the workplace, particularly around the time of departures.


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