Healthy Heart Challenge #hearttime 3 June 2011

Well it’s been three days now and Ive had varying success. From being active, to eating healthy food, to having good positive thoughts to keep my blood pressure down. The champion is off to a good start!! yah Today’s effort made me puff. I walked up hill to a local coffee shop (20mins away), met Lara and helped her walk the dogs across the park, had a coffee and then walked home. Well over an hour out but i feel invigorated, fresh and ready for a shower!! Related articles A Family Plan for Heart Health ( Continue reading Healthy Heart Challenge #hearttime 3 June 2011

Healthy Heart Challenge, Day One

Officially this all starts on 1 June but I have pre-registered and started early because to be quite honest – i needed to!! So, the gig for the Healthy Heart Challenge is to include 30 minutes of exercise into everyday. Many might say that I am pretty active already and you’d be right. But most of it is daily routine, driving from A to B and sitting at the computer writing. Nothing much in there to get the heart going or even racing. The gym membership sits there unattended. So, we have started the NEW routine to include the heart … Continue reading Healthy Heart Challenge, Day One