Healthy Heart Challenge #hearttime 6 August

This blog article is dedicated to the beautiful and inspiring Kelly who has been supporting me through my challenge. Thankyou hun for all your wisdom and tips. #hearttime

Tip of the day

Give smoking the flick.

With today’s media there isn’t a smoker alive who dosn’t understand that smoking will cause serious damage to your health. With each cigarette depleting up to 25mg of vitamin c, those soft and squishy arteries end up hardening from the lack of vitamin C. It’s a habit and like all habits can be challenging to quit. Fortunately there are therapies offered such as the “Quit smoking” programs at Body Life Balance that can help support your decision to quit by targeting the “urge” to smoke. The therapy is safe and very effective. The money you save on not smoking will probably pay for a very nice holiday!

For more information on the quit smoking therapy offered at Body Life Balance call Kelly on 0438 403 686.

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