Healthy Heart Challenge #hearttime 6 August

This blog article is dedicated to the beautiful and inspiring Kelly who has been supporting me through my challenge. Thankyou hun for all your wisdom and tips. #hearttime Tip of the day Give smoking the flick. With today’s media there isn’t a smoker alive who dosn’t understand that smoking will cause serious damage to your health. With each cigarette depleting up to 25mg of vitamin c, those soft and squishy arteries end up hardening from the lack of vitamin C. It’s a habit and like all habits can be challenging to quit. Fortunately there are therapies offered such as the “Quit … Continue reading Healthy Heart Challenge #hearttime 6 August

Healthy Heart Challenge #hearttime 24 June 2011

The 24th; the day we celebrated and raised money for the Heart Foundation SA!! It was the tenth celebration event for the DeadRed Wine Group. And what a night we had planned. I managed to fit in a whole raft of things from starting the day with my walk, to having a healthy lunch to having some chill preparation headspace moments to ensure my stress levels were contained. Here’s some fotos of my day’s journey:      Continue reading Healthy Heart Challenge #hearttime 24 June 2011

Healthy Heart Challenge #hearttime 11/12 June 2011

Body Life Balance was created by Kelly Hamilton to create a health company that focuses on natural medicine in conjunction with the body’s natural rhythms and self healing mechanism’s to help address health issues. Kelly uses a process called Bioresonance that identifies the frequencies of stressors impacting the body’s health such as viruses, toxins, environmental pollutants, foods etc and reverses their frequencies to neutralise their effect.    I met Kelly through a mutual friend (Bunty Parsons) several years ago and she has always lived and breathed healthy. She is certainly someone I admire and listen to about body health. And whilst I … Continue reading Healthy Heart Challenge #hearttime 11/12 June 2011

Healthy Heart Challenge #hearttime 9 June 2011

OK, I’m a norty girl today – havent walked or eaten anything healthy. Even worried about the vitamins that sent me into cyberspace last night. Obviously need a big kick up the bum!!! Reading the card on my desk “Live in the moment and make it so beautiful that it will be worth remembering” had me have an energy packed day though!! Computer problems were sorted, client twitter account issues were sorted, a few contract applications were sent off and I contributed to an idea the Heart Foundation SA are considering. So, not all wasted!! And certainly not a bad … Continue reading Healthy Heart Challenge #hearttime 9 June 2011

Healthy Heart Challenge #hearttime 7 June 2011

Of course a Healthy Heart isnt just all about food and exercise. From my own personal experience it’s also about our environment. And no I dont mean the birds and trees (although those Kookaburras were dam cute and very well timed I must say). By environment I mean what we surround ourselves with. I live an alternate lifestyle to many. My kids are like my friends (altho they know who’s boss when they need to – I’m OK at both mentoring and delegation) and I share custody of my youngest. I live with a friend due to having to sell … Continue reading Healthy Heart Challenge #hearttime 7 June 2011

Healthy Heart Challenge #hearttime 6 June 2011

Kelly asked me a week ago if I walked/ran until it burned. Not then, but I did tonight. In amongst getting lost in the backstreets, being laughed at by Kookaburras and giving jogging a proper go, I was puffing so hard when I got home I couldnt speak for rather a long time. Miss Talking Girl laughed at me… as did everyone else online when I mentioned it. Thanks guys – love ya guts!!   Finished off with another healthy meal – this time using “Heart Smart” meat!! woOt… there’s no stopping this #hearttime addiction Related articles Healthy Heart Challenge… … Continue reading Healthy Heart Challenge #hearttime 6 June 2011

Healthy Heart Challenge #hearttime 5 June 2011

#sunday. day of rest. so we danced and laughed with music… #hearttine for the soul. here’s a glimpse at the saturday night feast. healthy food, healthy night. not sure how I can keep all this healthy up?? Im trying.   Chicken pad see ew this was a simple recipe and really easy. and yes, i even added the egg. Continue reading Healthy Heart Challenge #hearttime 5 June 2011

Healthy Heart Challenge #hearttime 3 June 2011

Well it’s been three days now and Ive had varying success. From being active, to eating healthy food, to having good positive thoughts to keep my blood pressure down. The champion is off to a good start!! yah Today’s effort made me puff. I walked up hill to a local coffee shop (20mins away), met Lara and helped her walk the dogs across the park, had a coffee and then walked home. Well over an hour out but i feel invigorated, fresh and ready for a shower!! Related articles A Family Plan for Heart Health ( Continue reading Healthy Heart Challenge #hearttime 3 June 2011

How deep can we go with the naked skin?

One hour and I was naked, cleansed and sucked out. My it felt good. The deep clean session (where I thought I would end up looking like a tomato because I have a natural high red colour anyway) wasnt that bad at all!! Yes, for vanity sake, I have waited an hour before taking a foto of my completely naked skin but but but…. I had myself what is known as a microdermabrasion. Another virgin effort. Nicknamed the lunchtime peel (it’s quick) its a gentle process, like a little vacuum cleaner travelling across your face. Doesnt hurt… but by the end my skin … Continue reading How deep can we go with the naked skin?

the morning after my virgin bronze body experience

**This blog has been a wonderful experience in SEO and Google land. Search terms. Keywords. How people reach and find you through a search engine. I won’t comment on the human attraction to a bit of naughty, but let’s just say, the experiment has worked.

This continues to be a popular post after over four years!

Continue reading “the morning after my virgin bronze body experience”

My very own virgin Bronze Body

I’m no longer a virgin!! Had a very gorgeous experience tonight. I was made to feel very special (maybe cause they knew I’d write a a blog… ahahaaa noooo not true) by both Kim and Merv. Kim looked after me really well for the spray tan but yes, I was exceptionally nervous. Gosh. I was shaking walking up the stairs. I’m not a girlie girl but I can be adventurous… so willing to give it a go. Perfect excuse with a ball coming up on Saturday, so hence why i was there. Now, my 45 yr old body isnt used to … Continue reading My very own virgin Bronze Body

Healthy Heart Challenge #hearttime 25 May 2011

Found this great article online re fat fighting foods. I love eating healthy but I dont always get it right. Whilst I dont “watch my weight” and diet as such, I like things that will help reduce (or dont contribute to) the fat areas… yes, I have the 40 year old spread… well, it’s now the 45 year old spread! LOL Loved that I could still eat my avocado’s (yaaah). I had them for my snack this arvo. I guess it’s like anything though – eat in moderation 🙂 Here’s the link to that article:,7419 How are you going? … Continue reading Healthy Heart Challenge #hearttime 25 May 2011

Healthy Heart Challenge… til today (2 May 2011)

Since i last wrote ive had a bit of a holiday (over the long easter break), celebrated my eldest daughter’s and mother’s birthday, and partied at a right royal wedding reception. However i havent shied from my dedication to start preparing for my champion commitment to the Healthy Heart Challenge. In fact, i have walked through the adelaide hills… and generally been a very busy girl!! I’ve danced the night away, eaten great healthy food and laughed. All good for the heart! That said, i’ve also slipped and mis-behaved too and this is where i’m hoping my commitment will start … Continue reading Healthy Heart Challenge… til today (2 May 2011)

Healthy Heart Challenge, Day One

Officially this all starts on 1 June but I have pre-registered and started early because to be quite honest – i needed to!! So, the gig for the Healthy Heart Challenge is to include 30 minutes of exercise into everyday. Many might say that I am pretty active already and you’d be right. But most of it is daily routine, driving from A to B and sitting at the computer writing. Nothing much in there to get the heart going or even racing. The gym membership sits there unattended. So, we have started the NEW routine to include the heart … Continue reading Healthy Heart Challenge, Day One

Murray Darling Basin – Water Report

Image by publik16 via Flickr The Murray Darling needs fixing – no question, no delay. Three years ago the federal government allocated $6 billion to spend on the problem. This money is to be spent subject to a revised Murray Darling Basin Plan. is a new, grass roots, not for profit advocacy organisation for mainstream Australia. It is independent of big companies, Government and political parties. Participants pick and choose the issues that matter for them. They recently petitioned to have the Murray Darling Water Report released. The release is currently on hold due to the election caretaker period. … Continue reading Murray Darling Basin – Water Report

Day One Hundred & Twenty Three

Day One Hundred & Twenty Three, originally uploaded by charlierobinson1966. This is Kate. She doesn’t normally get a look in as i tend to photograph Toby!! But tonight’s her nite. I think she felt a tad uncomfortable about it to be honest. She was skwarking a bit and really didn’t want to be there. But I got a shot 🙂 I’m wondering if I will be the same on Saturday when we do this modeling gig for the lingerie shop in Adelaide Arcade. I’ve kept quiet about this gig as I’m a tad nervous. I’ve never stood in a shop … Continue reading Day One Hundred & Twenty Three